Totally Money Blog Carnival #20: “What Would You Do?” Edition

by Outlaw on May 23, 2011

Ashley Donaldson

Are you as honest as Ashley?

Welcome to the 20th edition of the Totally Money Blog Carnival.

This carnival is dedicated to Ashley Donaldson, a teenager from Dallas who I think did the right thing. She found $2,000 in the mall parking lot, and turned it over to a local bank, and subsequently the Dallas Police Department.

This story made news briefly because at one point, the city was not going to return the cash to Ashley if they didn’t find the rightful owner.

So my question to you today is what would you do if you found $2,000? Would you turn it into local authorities or keep it without thinking twice?

Here are my editor’s picks for the carnival:

Jason Price presents 5 Tips to Protect Data on Your iPhone saying, “Many iPhone’s have personal finance information on them. Use these tips to protect your data!”

Carlos presents How Having a Baby Made me More Productive saying, “Want to be productive even after you have a baby? Here are some tips and strategies.”

Pat S presents The 15 Year Millionaire Plan: Year 6 saying, “Year 6 of the 15 Year Millionaire Strategy explores the importance of a ‘fun money fund’.”

Here’s the best of the rest (some really great submissions!):

Sandy presents Pay What You Want Panera Racks Up saying, “A Panera where you pay what you want is actually making money!”

Darwin presents How to Get a Snowblower for 1/3 The Price This Winter saying, “Does it sound too good to be true to hear you can get a snowblower for 1/3 the cost and have someone else do your driveway this winter? It’s not!”

Marjorie presents Credit Card Mistakes saying, “I’ve compiled a list of a variety of common credit card mistakes and I explain why you need to avoid making these mishaps. This information can be particularly useful for young adults who are new to credit cards and are starting down the road to financial independence.”

Dr. Dean presents Gangsta Bank Fees saying, “New bank fees that are cropping up everywhere sure hurt. Here is how to avoid them.”

Crystal presents Great Credit Scores Helpful for Small Business Ventures saying, “Did you know your credit score could effect your ability to start your own business? That’s yet another reason to have your financial house in order.”

Tom presents Life Insurance Questions saying, “Here is is a look at the most frequently asked life insurance questions since there are so many different life insurance policies to choose from.”

Jim Yih presents Debt has become big business saying, “There was a time when paying down your debts was good, prudent financial advice that came from the banks, other financial institutions and advisors.”

Tom Drake presents What Makes a Personal Finance Blog The Best? saying, “Jim has been writing for 12 years but is somewhat new to blogging. He often wonders about what makes the BEST Personal Finance Blog?”

retirebyforty presents Cash Or Credit? saying, “We are saving money by using cash instead of credit cards. What about you, do you use cash or credit?”

Janet presents PSN Leaks Your Credit Card Info saying, “Is the PlayStation Network really going to be able to protect your credit card information?”

Matt Bell presents Overcoming a Handyman Handicap One Faucet at a Time saying, “Learning how to fix stuff around the house can save a lot of money. Here’s how one very unhandy man (me!) faced his fears, fixed a faucet, and got motivated to learn more.”

Glen presents Blue Cash Everyday – Review saying, “American Express has a new credit card as part of it’s “blue” family. See what it’s all about in this review.”

Glen Craig presents How to Combine Children with Work-at-Home Jobs saying, “These days more and more people are looking to find ways to work at home. But if you have kids it can be difficult. See how you can combine working at home with watching your kids”

Jeri Ford presents How Many Chase Credit Card Applications are Permitted? Will I be Approved? saying, “If you have a lot of Chase credit card applications then there is a possibility that you may be denied. Review this info to increase approval possibility.”

Buck Inspire presents Recycle: Fun, Green, and Bus Fare

vh presents Small Frugalities, Small Chintzinesses? saying “Four dollars and fifty cents will get you a cup of
coffee…and my opinion on the cost of doing business. 😉 ”

Control your Cash presents Micro Millions saying, “Mega Millions and Powerball are America’s two biggest lotteries, available in 41 and 43 of the contiguous United States, respectively. And every week, tens of millions of idiots feed the beast. Both games are for mental patients, but let’s deconstruct only Mega Millions for now.”

Fanny presents How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery saying, “Here are 3 simple strategies to increase your chances of winning the lottery.”

The Amateur Financier presents Frugal Friday – Pet Care saying, “A guide to keeping your pet care costs to a minimum while still providing all the necessary care that your pet requires.”

Jeff Weber presents Credit Card Offer Quality Has Nowhere to Go But Down saying, “Credit card companies have been fiercely battling for business by offering historically generous offers. Unforuntaly, by the time consumer demand picks up, most of these deals will likely be gone.”

Big Cajun Man presents Long Term Disability Insurance saying, “Long term disability insurance can be useful, but make sure you read all the fine print, or you might end up like Nortel employees.”

Miss Moneypenniless presents Olympics Tickets: A Herculean Mess saying, “Commentary on Olympics tickets and advice for anyone who has purchased them.”

Boomer presents Build An Opportunity Fund saying, “Financial planners recommend setting aside 3-6 months of expenses in case of unexpected emergencies, but how about setting up two years worth of expenses for an opportunity fund?”

Investor Junkie presents Firstrade Review saying, “Firstrade was exactly the kind of discount broker I was looking for. The fees are low, customer service is excellent, and the website is always trouble free. I have been satisfied with Firstrade and will probably stay with them in the foreseeable future.”

Kevin presents Why I Support Ron Paul for President 2012 saying, “Those in government must never forget that they are the servants, not the masters of the people. I don’t know how much one man can change institutions, but Ron Paul may be the one candidate for the 2012 election that represents true hope & change.”

Jacob presents Is It Cheaper To Be a Man or a Woman (or Girl/Guy, Depending on Your Age)? saying, “Deciding whether it’s more expensive to be a girl or guy is a complex decision. Here’s a look at several considerations in an effort to reach some sort of a conclusion!”

South County Girl presents Labor Ready and the Job Hunt! saying, “A look and an update on my fiance’s job hunt as he tries to get temporary work through Labor Ready.”

Evan presents Do You Compartmentalize Spending Decisions Also? saying, “I compartmentalize spending. I will agonize over finding the most efficient use of my money when it comes to lets say a cell phone plan, but then not care if I spend triple digits on dinner for two.”

FMF presents How to Get 55% More Rewards (and 3.1% Cash Back) with Your Chase Freedom Credit Card saying, “Here’s a step-by-step guide to taking one credit card and increasing its rewards by 55%, making it into an almost unbeatable 3.1% cash back credit card.”

Charles Chua C K presents Why You Should Keep Your Credit Cards

Billy Hart presents Investing Basics – What Are Mutual Funds And ETFs saying, “This post gives a high-level view of what Mutual Funds and ETFs are. Understanding the different ways to invest goes a long way to build your confidence when investing in the stock market. There are nearly as many different options as there are people ready to give their opinion of which one is best.”

Bank Guru presents Budget Saving Mistake to Avoid

Maria presents We’re Debt Free! saying, “Becoming debt free was a journey with many sacrifices — including moving our family into a small cabin for two years– but it was well worth the effort.”

Money Beagle presents A Bag Full Of Money saying, “You don’t often run across a bag full of money, but sometimes the next best thing is waiting!”

Robert presents Commodity Sell-Off: Did We See This Coming? saying, “A look at whether we could have seen the commodity sell off coming.”

Justin Weinger presents Online vs. Traditional Brokerage saying, “My story on why I switched my parents brick and mortar brokerage account to an online house.”

Neal Frankle presents How To Avoid Identity Theft While Traveling saying, “If you travel, you have to be extra careful about identity theft. I often travel to visit my daughter who lives overseas. Her apartment has become like a second home to us. But it seems like every time I go I get hacked and I have to change credit cards.”

Jim presents Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card Review saying, “A review of the Starwood Guest Rewards card.”

Melissa Hale presents Savvy Valley Mommy: How to Coupon saying, “I am a wife and mother who loves to save money wherever I can. My blog allows me to share tips and tricks to shave spending and save the family budget!”

Billy Hart presents Mr. Fed, Food and Energy Feel Like Core Inflation To Me! saying, “I have been getting really tired of hearing the radio guys report that “core inflation” is not bad. They always explain that “core inflation” does not include food and energy. Who in the world makes up this stuff? What do you think? How has the “NON-Core-Inflation-Rate” of food and energy impacted your bottom line?”

Warren Beatty presents Gambling (putting money at risk?)

John presents What You Need to Know About Debt’s Statute of Limitations saying, “Managing your credit card debt can be difficult, especially when you don’t understand all of the rules and regulations surrounding it. Once you understand the laws that might affect you, you will be better equipped to successfully deal with your credit card debt.”

Thanks for all of the great submissions. Remember to submit your post for next week, which will be hosted by The Family CEO Blog!

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